Rap sensation: Beck UG releases Antidote.

As the Ugandan Hiphop scene is trying for set itself as one of the country’s average genre on the popular music scene, there has always been a section of Hiphop culture enthusiasts like a one Joseph Beckmas also known as BECK UG that’ll keep doing rap to represent the authentic hood.

Antidote Cover

After several releases like Blind, Keys to Kiseka, Nze Ani and many others, this time Beck UG has released his first ever collab single with King Missy dubbed Antidote.

Antidote is one of the many tracks that he has compiled for his forthcoming album “BORROWER” that also features his previous releases Nze Ani and Meant to be.

To all Hiphop lovers, you better Stream ANTIDOTE here or listen to this sample pick.

Antidote – Beck Ug feat. King Missy

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