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Why Work With Us?

We are a Music Rights Management and Boutiq solutions Firm for Independent Music Creatives and Music-oriented businesses operating in Africa.

Our Industry leading solutions help Independent songwriters, composers, producers and and our dedicated publishing-for-business support to recording companies, labels, publishers and other organizations to simplify music rights management including the administration of Intellectual Property Rights in music, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Royalty Processing, Music Funding, Licensing and continuous support through Consultancy, training and Capacity Building programs.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

To be the Catalyst for advancement and promotion of Africa's Music Publishing community, by providing boutiq solutions for song management services to individuals and businesses.

To promote, enhance, monetize and protect the underlying Intellectual Property of music rights holders operating in Africa's music space, through building operational capacity, providing bespoke publishing administration services and development of tech based music market solutions.

1. Diversity.

2. Integrity, Ethical & Transparency.

3. Customer Support.

4. Family & Relationship.

5. Innovative

This Module falls under the management of our Publishing Arm (Opus Music Publishing Africa) to cater for individual and independent musicians as rights holders (Songwriters, Audio Producers, Performing Artistes and Self-Published Entities).

Our Programs include;

  • Co-Publishing & Administration
  • White Label
  • Studio Rights Management, and
  • Sub-Publishing Services.

We provide off-the-shelf Music Rights Management and Consultancy Services to Record Labels, Digital Service Providers, CMOs and other Organizations that utilize music as a core asset but do not have experience, the human resource or tools to efficiently manage/monetize their assigned assets.

Our Programs include;

  • Agency
  • Consultancy
  • Partnership, and
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)Services.

Our Departments

An online music registrations and music identifier issuing service formed in partnership with Quansic. It helps to independently issue identifiers like ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), BOWI (Best Open Works Identifier) and ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier).

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The Music Publishing and Administration arm that is responsible for signing and on-boarding music creators for music management, promotion and royalty collections.

ADEMA is a special purpose collections department that collaborates with African CMOs to administer, license and collect “Black box” revenue. It is currently contracted by Uganda Performing Right Society with dedication to issuing licenses to digital service providers (Yotune, Boomplay, Spotify, Tidal etc.) that digitally exploit music made/owned by UPRS members.

A financial arm that provides royalty financing solutions to music rights holders. This includes our fan-based asset trading platform (Music Royalties Exchange), Debit Financing SPV for short term loans and a music acquisition and artiste advancement program to the rights holders represented by Opus Music

An online music licensing portal for production music, in-store music, song plugs and custom licensing for all the repertoire represented by Opus Music Publishing Africa and partners on our B2B management program.

A technological arm that looks at creation and exploitation of music repertoire in the web3 environments such as Non-Fungible Tokens, Metaverse, gaming, Extended Reality (AR, VR & MR) and in artificial intelligence solutions.

A training and apprentice program dedicated to imparting skills in music publishing administration, intellectual property management and music business. It provides industry standard certifications that opens up opportunities to work in Africa’s publishing industry as staff, agent or partner of Opus Music.



Simon Peter Mutyaba

Chief Executive Officer

David Tayebwa

Chief Music Officer

Shadrack Kisame

Chief Operations Officer

Kenneth Muhangi

Chief Legal Officer


Lubanga Frank (Roven UG)

Head of A&R, Sync & Label Services

David Pellum II

Head of International Relations

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