Opus Music Africa partners with Quansic to extend Data Matching and Identifier services to African Music Creators.

In a bid to extend efficient Music Rights Management Services we have partnered with Quansic, an Artist Data Matching and music identifier agency of ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), BOWI (Best Open Works Indentifier) and ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier). This comes in with our strategy of being able to extend efficient tools, materials and resources to strengthen our arsenal on Technological Protection Measures for Africa’s developing music industry.


Our decision to partner with the World’s best music service provider means that we shall achieve more and help to escalate our music industry to a global standard in music management, tracking and Protection.

“To any African creator or business, you can now be able to purchase your own identifier with no middlemen or gatekeepers. You will be able to process ISRCs for your music video when preparing for a music release campaign, You can also purchase your own ISNI to identify all your stage names into one entity. This means that you shall nolonger miss any royalties owed to you because the system can’t identify you or even solve the puzzle of multiple rightsholder information,” noted by David Tayebwa, our Chief Music Officer.

In the same aspect, FX Nutall (Founder and CEO of Quansic) noted that the decision made by Opus Music Africa to partner with Quansic shall help to address this continent’s music administration challenges since there has been several cases related data transparency and maximizing royalty collections from the digital music market that have to be addressed.

As Opus Music, we are excited to see the future of the African Music industry is supported by professional companies that address Inclusion for all global management players.

We shall be availing more tools or materials for generating music identifiers or the Data Matching process.

For now you can contact our Copyright and Registrations Desk to purchase your next music identifier through this Email :


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