Welcome again to our second episode of #NowYouKnow, and as Opus Music Africa we hope to move with you on the path to uncover the terms, processes and DIY knowledge so that you become self sustaining in your music career. We shall also be available for any inquiries about music, music rights, music tech, music business and more.
In our previous episode (which was literally the first), we talked about the benefits of registering your music for Copyright and we just want to take you further into knowing how to register your music in Uganda.

There are two (2) major ways you can register your music for protection.
Although we last noted that it is not mandatory under the Copyright Laws of Uganda, there are agencies specifically set up to help you register and protect your music copyright, and these incude;

1. Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)
URSB is a registrations agency established by the government to facilitate, administer and regulate any legal registrations in Uganda including Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and many others).
During this registration process, you are required to submit the title of your song/album, your identification documents and a copy of the DVD for the song(s) you intend to register. Each Application will take you Shs. 50,000 and after that, you shall be cleared to Gazette your application for Shs. 150,000. When gazetting, your application will be published to the public for 60 days as a call to any other party that may object to the validity of your song/album registration. After the lapse of 60 days, you are then cleared to register to obtain your Copyright Certificate, and kaboom!!
There you are the rightful owner of the Copyright for the music.

2. Uganda Performing Right Society (UPRS) is a licensed Collection Management Organization/Society that was formed in 1985 by Authors (mainly Musicians) to advance the cause of Copyright administration in Uganda. UPRS is a company formed by musicians and for musicians, and is a fully registered and regulated society under URSB as a company limited by Guarantee (meaning is owned/governed by its members).

Become a UPRS member Now. www.membership.uprs.go.ug

In this case before you register your music, you MUST become a member first and that’s after you sign a Deed of Assignment and await your approval from the governing board. After your approval, the society will go ahead to assign you an IPI (Interested Parties Identification) Number, a special number that identifies you on the Global Music Database.
Further to that, you shall be assigned the member Login details to your account on the membership registration portal (www.membership.uprs.go.ug) so that you start declaring your musical works for registration.
When declaring your works, you need to have the following information on you;
a) Song title and alternative song title
b) Year of creation
c) Interested Party Information including the author, composer, publisher, performers/artist and the Label.

NB: Always ensure to occasionally update these declarations so as not to miss out on any Royalties owed to you.

After submitting your declarations through the portal, the society will go ahead to register your works to WID (Works Information Database) and thereafter each work shall be assigned an Identification code to track the usage of your musical work around the world. This code is called ISWC, that stands for International Standard Works Code.

Thereafter, you shall be cleared to release, perform, broadcast or distribute your music to the public when rest assured that your music is fully protected. You are however supposed to know the different Rights and types of Royalties that you should be receiving from the exploitation.

Always push your career ahead by registering your music. You can either do it yourself (self publish) or work with a credible music rights management company like Opus Music Africa to conduct Registration on your behalf.

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