Josplay Inc Partners Opus Music Africa to promote music data standardization on the African Music Library.

Josplay Inc, a music intelligence company focused on African music has announced a strategic data partnership with Opus Music Africa, a music rights management firm delivering boutiq business solutions to independent music creative and businesses in Africa. Both companies informed that this strategic partnership is line with their common goal to help improve the quality and size of relevant and sharable music data within the African music value-chain. The collaboration is also aimed at forging a stronger alliance framework that will foster data-driven innovations across the African music ecosystem.

According to Josplay’s CEO, Emmanuel Ogala, “this partnership is very important to the African Music Library project, as it paves way to solidify our elaborate metadata ingestion and indexing model, and also as it spearheads a significant relationship between AML and data custodians within the industry. With this collaboration, easy discoverability and identification of music creatives, as well as appropriate royalty attribution and management looks more possible in the nearest future”. He further shared strong hopes that as the project continues to forge relevant data partnerships, innovators operating within the African music space will soon have the data they need to build applications that can satisfy every African with their natural taste of music”.

According to Opus Music Africa’s CEO, Simon Mutyaba “Our participation on the African Music library will immensely improve the global visibility of our portfolio creatives and extensively enrich the metadata of our catalog. These objectives align with our corporate strategic partnership goals for African rights holders at large.”

Further to that, the Chief Music Officer of Opus Music Africa, David Tayebwa also asserted that “Africa’s music ecosystem has for long been dragged by information asymmetry across different music service providers. Starting from non-transparency in song credits, release information and the music metadata that CMOs hold onto are some of the issues that have robbed our industry the deserved music consumption through discovery, existence of better value chain systems and accumulation of black box revenue. In an effort to streamline these issues, working with Josplay to address the asymmetry through AML is Opus Music’s number one priority towards achieving its music data strategic goals.”

Josplay’s COO, Jideofor Okoro also shared their excitement about the partnership. According to Jideofor “the collaboration with Opus Music shows the relevance of effective data exchange for the growth of the industry. We use this opportunity to call on other stakeholders to collaborate with the Library project and help compile, standardize and make data available to those who need it to grow our music industry.”

The library is open to the public and encourages all African music lovers, software engineers, creators, researchers, record labels, media platforms, Performance Rights Organizations – to explore, contribute, and share accurate data on music from the continent and in the diaspora.

About Josplay Inc & Opus Music Africa

Josplay Inc is a music intelligence company that uses human expertise and Artificial Intelligence to enrich African music with a goal of improving discoverability and utilization rate by music recommendation engines.

Opus Music Africa is a Music Rights Management and Boutiq solutions Firm for Independent Music Creatives and Music-oriented businesses operating in Africa. They provide bespoke music rights management and consultancy services through their dedicated teams with experience in publishing administration, royalty administration, digital rights management and operation & development of tech-focused music solutions.

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