Eschatos Bride Choir joins Opus Music Africa.

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Eschatos bride choir are the latest signing to join the Opus Music Publishing Africa’s roster. Having met through a shared common love for music, the group, who described themselves as “aiming to present a unique sound experience for their listeners through Evangelism” were thrilled to join our Publishing Administration and Sync Licensing program.

The group’s move was spearheaded by Dr. Abbey KIBALAMA, who is the Choir Director and Lead Composer, with a wealth of industry knowledge under his belt in composition, evangelism and working professionally with music for over 45 years. Starting with research on Christian hymns and songs and how they can be accommodated in sermons, to making unforgettable and elaborate message to the congregation. Their songs can be sung as special choir pieces or as a recommendation from their congregation, as maybe suggested by the preacher when giving a sermon.

Throughout their evangelical operations the Eschatos Bide Choir has a memorable experience in creating over 800 songs as Christian hymns and sermons. The core to the correctness of words and music is the catalyst in their sacred journey that talks about the unique but simple approach in evangelism to fruitful Preaching and the importance of clarity in the message of the saving power of Christ in word and in music.

Dr. Abbey KIBALAMA also noted that “with Opus Music, we are looking forward to a lot of exciting opportunities for our catalogue, for example, maximized revenue and sync licensing opportunities.”

And on behalf of Opus, our A&R Executive highlighted that, “there is so much inspiration with Eschatos Bride Choir’s songs which are right at the heart of the people and a great brick they contributed to Uganda’s gospel music. We’re looking forward to sharing their music with the rest of the world and finding new opportunities while publishing, distributing and promoting this catalog.

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