Digital Music: Its Realization and Action in the Fast Changing Economy.

As the music industry is self-healing and finding sustainable solutions in this post Covid era, UPRS strategy and emphasis should lean on building, development and growth of achievable digital music solutions that will maximize members’ revenue through this fast paced market.

As Suzan Butler stated, “the global music network is a mix of commercial and not-for-profit entities working with performers and songwriters that must work together in ways that were never before necessary. Given its complexities and its fast-changing developments, there is a need for sharing information and improving the understanding about how the business of music operates today in a global digital music market and the new forms of remuneration.”

As we all know, most of our collecting societies were not digital music-minded even before the pandemic struck. But during the lock down, most individuals and media enterprises created better entertaining and sensitization content for which music served as the central determinant. Televisions and radios sought to use digital means to reach their target audience through music but claim to have lost revenue to pay to the originators under their CMOs. Even beyond post covid, the users are utilizing music products to promote their dominance with the same excuse.

Societies like UPRS needed to utilize the acceptance of digital media as another source of revenue collection and this lies in the mandate to collect different bundles of music rights like Digital performance, Mechanical and Digital Synchronization for UGC (User Generated Content) like TikTok, Facebook/Instagram, Triller et.c.

Finding solutions to overcome these sophisticated challenges requires expertise in a broad range of areas, including legal rights per territory, strategic business operations, commercial exploitation, rights administration, information technology (‘IT’) and more. Finding solutions also requires cooperation and a delicate balancing of interests.

As UPRS’ efforts are into addressing revenue collection deficiencies, we are glad that the society entrusted Opus Music Africa to initiate their digital music market strategy through the on-going Digitization process. Through this process, Opus Music’s activities aim at bridging the current territorial/physical existing data to a digitalized and enriched data that will assist the society to ingest, identify, track, administer and collect accrued royalties existing in the exploitation of music on the digital space.

With evidence, we are proud to have executed most of the necessary work like works auditing, redeeming members’ content from digital infringers through the Notice & Takedown process, data matching and enrichment and many more. The achievement on the process so far validates that Opus Music Africa is a perfect partner on the on-going Digital Upgrading strategy.

Opus Music Africa is a music rights management and boutiq solutions firm for independent music creators and music-oriented businesses operating in Africa. We provide bespoke music rights management services through our dedicated team with experience in Intellectual Property & Music administration and development of tech-focused music solutions. Our main thrust areas are on building organizational capacity and facilitating African music ecosystem through Digital Rights Management, Publishing Administration and Royalty Services.

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